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about vivienne chell


My career spans work in both this country and in North America. I have worked in both the public and private sectors, always involved in the education of children and young people; I have always enjoyed the challenge of working with both students and teaching staff to support those students who have a tendency to underachieve. Recently I have advised schools in Doha and Madrid.

I teach GCSE, AS and A2 level students and find the challenge rewarding. I speak French and German
and enjoy teaching psychology AS and A2 level work.


In addition to my status as a qualified specialist teacher and assessor I am a qualified workplace assessor; I am able to assess individual difficulties and advise employers how best to support staff. I conduct training exercises in the workplace and so provide continuing support to employees and employers.


As well as working in local academies and schools I have experience in Pupil Referral Units and with young offenders. I am often called upon to screen, assess and provide teaching/planning arrangements for pupils. Where there is a requirement to inform universities I will complete a Form 8 along with the assessment document.


I undertake inset work in a number of schools, with teachers, tutors and SENCOs and am keen to introduce assistive technology packages to schools and academies, whenever feasible. I am keen to remain current in an area that is currently undergoing legislative change and so maintain attendance at professional development seminars, training sessions and workshops.


All work undertaken is designed after a thorough analysis of need. Insets may last from one to six hours; assessments may be booked en bloc, teaching sessions vary to meet the needs of individual students.