‘Vivienne totally changed our son’s school experience. She took the time and has the expertise to truly understand how he thinks – something no-one else had bothered to do. Subsequently, he moved to a new school who were fully furnished with Vivienne’s knowledge before he arrived and so he is now doing far better.

I cannot rate Vivienne highly enough – she was life changing in our son’s school life. By taking the time to use her skill and experience, she was able to fully understand how his mind works and thus brief his new school accordingly which has resulted in a much happier boy achieving far more at school than he did before meeting her.’

Benjamin Browning

‘As part of providing our students with high quality support we screen our SEN students for exam access arrangements. Vivienne is a fundamental part of this and provides us with reliable data that enables us to prove to the JCQ inspectors a body of clear evidence of needs. She also provides us with endless support and guidance that enables us to understand and provide students with support specific to their needs. Moreover, Vivienne is reliable, develops good relationships with the students and has a wealth of experience and knowledge.’

Stacey, JCB Academy

My daughter Lilia first came to Viv as an under confident, frustrated little girl, who hated school and was angry when it came to do her work. Often she would screw up her work and throw it in a temper at home. Despite coming from a teaching background myself, I had exhausted my knowledge on how to help my daughter. We BOTH needed support!

Viv has been life changing! Her personalised teaching unlocks Lilia’s potential and helps me to understand ways that I too can support. Lilia has begun to understand how she learns, how she can help herself and so her frustration and hatred of learning has stopped! She is growing into a curious and interested young lady who can’t wait to see what Viv has in store for in her weekly sessions, painting? Knitting? Both?

Viv’s talent and knowledge in Dyslexia cannot be underestimated. I cannot recommend her enough.